Mine York City is ranked as the biggest city scaled map available right now for pocket edition.

If you wanted to feel like playing games in New York city than this is the closest cityscale map you can find available for MCPE currently.

To emulate the N.Y.C , the map consist of five island with the largest is called Minehatten (pun intended). Minehatten is known for it’s cultural icon and is a bustling Metropolis where over 3000 flights comes and leaves the city every 24/7.

There are much more things available in map such as stadium, skyscrapers, shopping malls and many more for you to explore and do destruction.

Developer: John4987
Client Version 0.9.x


  • Many Skyscrapers (more than 40!)
  • A concert hall (or stage) with three stages
  • A small shopping mall and a large shopping mall
  • An entire road system
  • An entire subway system and rail system
  • An elaborate highway system
  • Five different islands, all boroughs of the city (Minehatten, Blocker, Lapiz Island, Nether Island, and Ender Island)
  • Various cities and towns scattered all around the world
  • Apartment Buildings, characterized if they have beds on every floor
  • A small Baseball stadium, home to the Mine York Ghasts.
  • The City’s modern Quartz Public Library on Nether Island
  • Mine York City International Airport, next to the largest Highway intersection in the city
  • A soccer and PvP arena,

M.Y.C Dowload
M.Y.C Survival Download

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  1. I downloaded both links and when I opened the file it has nothing in it … please fix this error
    ps im using android

  2. There’s nothing wrong with the file. I’ve checked.
    Try downloading it using pc and transfer file to your android instead

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