Mindungui Brown Adventure Map


Mindungui Brown is a map made based on Indiana Jones movies. You will be Mr.Brown that will venture into another mystery adventure to look for the Red Idol.

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Daniworm

Mr.Brown is an Archeologist and a University Professor. You work an honest living in the day but the other side of you seek the darkest adventure available.

Since you are a University Professor there is a university building in this map which I assume where you should look for clues in your journey. The dungeon has puzzles with high difficulty to solved and monster which might be easier to play with another person helps. Daniworm said there is no parkour challenges in this map although the preview video did show some jumping action.

– Singleplayer / Multiplayer
– About 2-3 hours of game
– Logical Observational Puzzles
– Fight- Test of your Minecraft Skill


Mindungui Brown Advnture Map

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