Here’s another map focusing on living in a tree, previously was finding out secrets about tree while this one is survival on the tree.

It’s a small map focusing on trying to live while accomplishing challenges. If you manage to outgrown the challenges than you win this map.

Creator: Brmiller50
Client Version: 1.10

Make a furnace.
Make 48 torches.
Deactivate the 5 mob spawners.
Find the guardian spawner.
Find the secret mushroom room.
Make a cobble stone generator.
Buy an ender chest.
Make a pumpkin farm
Make a chicken farm.
Make a potion of strength.
Build a house.
Make red wool.
Make a cocoa bean farm.
Make a level 30 enchantment.
Make 64 stone bricks.

Easy right? To be honest I prefer this kind of map oh and don’t forget since it’s survival there will be monster attacks.


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