Alright guys it’s a new week so let’s try a new survival map called Mega Tree Survival.

Now, Mega Tree Survival is actually quite a simple and small map where you are at the branches of one of Minecraft’s tallest trees, which hangs directly over the void.

You have to survive living on branches and completes bunch of achievements given.

Creator: Brmiller50
Client Version: 1.12


Go to the top of the tree.
Make a furnace.
Make 48 torches.
Deactivate the 5 mob spawners.
Find the guardian spawner.
Find the secret mooshrooms.
Make a cobble stone generator.
Buy an ender chest.
Make a pumpkin farm
Assemble a chicken farm.
Brew a potion of strength.
Build a house.
Make red wool.
Bake 200 cookies.
Do a level 30 enchantment.
Create 64 stone bricks.
Make a shulker box.
Craft every type of door.
Stain a block of glass green.

Play this map with command /gamerule mobGriefing false and /gamerule keepInventory true


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