Mega-Arcade is a map consist of multiple game mode such as parkour, mini games and more. Made for Minecraft.

Client Version1.15


  • There are four parkour courses available to play through.
  • These can be done solo or with friends.
  • One easy course, one medium difficulty course, and two hard courses.


  • Chaos is a game all about survival. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be.
  • Simply start the match and prepare for anything. The game entirely functions on its own.
  • Explosions, lightning, fire, and more will be thrown at the players.
  • This game can be played solo but is more enjoyable with more people.Players do not need to work together but they can. Players can also turn on one another and try to get each other killed.


  • Sand Storm is a competitive pvp game mode based around preventing your enemies from winning.
  • The glowing skull in the middle of the arena gives xp points to nearby players one at a time. Stand near the skull and collect 50 xp levels to win.
  • Each player is given a stick with knockback to keep their foes away. Knocking an enemy off the map will reduce their xp level by 10
  • This game requires a minimum of two players but can hold any amount desired.


  • Sky Arena is a gamemode designed for larger groups.
  • Players are sent to a massive outdoor arena. The use of the elytra provides players with quick movement around the map.
  • There are six main zones in the map. The watch tower, the farm house, the mine, the enchanting base, the outdoor brewery, and the logging cabin.
  • Three of these locations feature an orb on an emerald block that can be picked up for points. The other locations have glowing emeralds which provide health to nearby players.
  • Killing a player will reset their score to zero; 600 points are needed to win.
  • Players are also equipped with a feather for a speed boost and a potion for a height advantage.
  • Anyone is able to join the game at any point.


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