MCRES – BlueTopia – Bedrock Edition


MCRES – BlueTopia – Bedrock Edition is a city map made for minecraft.

Creator: MCresources
Client Version:1.13

BlueTopia, also called Blue City, was a Hong Kong and New York City-based project created back in 2012 when world generation was still finite.

In the ninth release (n1.2), it has been developed into a modern metropolitan with shining lights, shops, and buildings around you. With the fast & easy-to-use transit system, you can get around the world and enjoy the delight of being an MC citizen seamlessly.

So another well made city map is released and I am keen to play on it. Roam and explore all you want in this replica Hong Kong style map!




  1. MCresources 3 April, 2019 at 17:09 Reply

    Umm, you stole our article, and reposted it here. Not ok. If this isn’t removed within 3 days, a DMCA takedown will be requested.

    -Pat; MCresources Owner

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