Camp Puzzlemaca is an adventure, parkour and puzzle map for android/iOs. The story starts out with you remembering your annoying sister calling you loser while she sent you off in a dreadful boring Camp Fun-o.

The next day as you were swimming when the camp counselor calls out to you and you have never seen this guy before. He suspiciously instructed you to go back into your cabin and read the note left on your bed and above the door.

Confused by the order, you got curious and went to see what it is. As you got back in the cabin , you read the note on your bed that said ;

Welcome to Camp Puzzlemaca, registration starts inside the waterfall, do not tell anyone!
To find the key, you must go and peek; in somewhere you’re not allowed!

So where would a key be? Obviously the Camp Office. Now you real fun camp adventures begin!

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Parkour
Developer: ApolloMcpe


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