Mario Kart is a popular game of Nintendo and now we have an adaptation of it on minecraft.

Well if you know Mario Kart then you know that this is a racing map which you can play against other minecraft online multiplayer users.

Creator: Flamingosaurus
Client Version: 1.11

The goal of the game is to race by sprinting. There will be item boxes, acceleration systems and running above certain blocks will give you effects such as speed, jump boost, or resistance.

Just like the original Mario Kart game.

Currently Flamingosaurus releasing only demo version of the map which consist of ;

– 2 fully integrated gamemodes (Grand Prix and Battle)
– 3 partially integrated gamemodes (Versus, Time Trials, and the Level Editor)
– 20 race tracks (15 original, 4 from Mario Kart, 1 from Diddy Kong Racing)
– 5 battle arenas
– 20 unique items
– Support for any number of players (+ spectators)
– Support for custom tracks via the Level Editor

I will update post with full version once it came out later


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