Map Maker Convention


Map Maker Convention is a 60 minutes map made for the 60Mins2Yrs Convention. Even though it was made in just 60 minutes, it’s still a great adventure map.

Creator:– McTsts:,- marhjo: EnderPig: MrKukurykpl: infinitydrago:CheckMiner:TTEXTT:
Client Version: 1.12.2

Since there are 7 creators made this map, there are 7 branch of storylines – or more like path you can choose to play.

In each path you’d be given one wool and your goal is to find 10 wools.

All of the 7 path can be accessed from the convention hall.

This map is made in 60 minutes but it still can beat map that was made in a year. So give it a try!


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