Since the first battle broke out, riotings and strikes started all across the Capital, and no one is safer anywhere. Killings and chemical warfare were rife, people wanted the little aspect of nature back in their concrete-filled life in the city.

More soldiers were installed on patrol to preserve the little amount of peace within the city, while the Naturals set up a plan. They broke apart a number of high security prisoners and put the tough evildoers through training course to become an agitator against the Capital, killing those that refused to receive because they may become a danger in the near future.

: CreeperDagger32
: iPad / Android

The Naturals also looked for the help of nature’s elements, one of which is the habitats of the Nether, the Zombie Pigmen. Along with their terrifying fellows, the Zombie Pigbrutes, they marched forth alongside the humans and broke apart the walls beside the Urban’s Mechanoid R & d Facility, in which lies one of the Urban’s most powerful weaponries against the uprising and the rival they now face.

Who will win in this particular battle of epic proportions? And who will pay the extreme price for the wrong move in this monstrous chess game? Play to decide the destiny of the next part of this map series!


Free For All [FFA]

  • – Anyone can attack anyone else, no teaming, just pure killing and confusion

Team Deathmatch [TDM]

  • – Mainly Naturals against the Urbans, and you use your skills and the class items to battle your way out of situations
  • – Protect the classes “Pilot”[Urban] and “Zombie”[Natural] carefully, for they are the game changers!

Hold The Point[HTP] {Still in progress, but can be tried!}

  • – Protect the basement of the Mech Research and Development Facility with your very lives! Set a timer, and whichever team’s wool lay in the basement wins when the time ends!
  • – There are only 2 access points to the basement, either by the facility’s stairwell or the sewer entrance!
  • – The original teams Urban and Natural will fight against one another in this gamemode!

MA Invasion


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