Luigi’s Mansion : Dark Moon Adventure


Luigi’s Mansion : Dark Moon Adventure Map is based on the same title of 3DS video game. The main objective is to clear out all of the ghosts in a mansion with a vacuum-cleaner-like device called the Poltergust (in Minecraft’s case, it’s a bow!) The secondary objective is to find as much money and gems as possible by exploring every nook and cranny.

Are you ready to cower in fear?

Genre Adventure
Version 1.5.2
Developer ColdFusionGaming

Version 1.1

What does this version include?

-The 2nd Mansion: Haunted Towers

-Objectives System and Basic Storyline

-Mansion Selection System

-Dark Moon Monument

-Over 150 Ghosts to Capture (+New Ghost Types!)

-Ghost Captures Counter (Compete with Friends!)

-Secret Passages, Secret Rooms, 10 Hidden Gems

How to Install

Download the map and open up the zip file. You will see a map folder and a texture pack zip folder.
Find your .minecraft saves folder and copy the map folder there
Find your .minecraft texturepacks folder and copy (don’t extract!) the texture pack zip folder there.
Launch the game and change texture packs under game options. Have fun!


Luigis Mansion Dark Moon Replica v1.1 by ColdFusionGaming for MC 1.5.2


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