Made by the same person that made Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, this Luigi’s Mansion Adventure is a remake with a different storyline and gameplay.

What makes this remake more interesting is that it’s a horror adventure, a fitting theme for this big massive mansion that fits to be called a castle.

Creator: FVbico
Client Version : 1.8

* Map is now updated to latest version and comes in 3 different version – Normal, Hard and Super Hard. The super hard is a mini arena version with no storyline just fight with final ghost boss and minions.

It seem that you have won yourself a mansion from a contest that you never heard of and not to mention that it is haunted! What made is scary is that this is real and once you die, game is over! You will never re-spawn again…

There are 4 arena ladders, a lot of jump-scare ghost moments that will kill you if you don’t act quick, around 19 normal bosses , hidden boss and rats of moneys.

It is recommendable to play it in single player but if you wanted to defeat hidden bos, player is advised to play via minecraft online multiplayer.

Luigi’s Hidden Mansion ( Hard )

Luigi’s Mansion Arena ( Super Hard )


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