Minecraft Lucky Block Gamble map is made solely using the Lucky Block mods, the main objective of this map is to think strategically and win the pvp match.

Each player will be given a bow and 64 arrows, the players then need to shoot button displayed on board in-front of them. If you manage to hit it, a trap door will be open and a number will be given. The number is your lucky number!

The amount of lucky blocks you will get depends on the number shown there and you will get to shoot 3 times. After getting your number, you can now explore the world randomly and break all the lucky blocks belongs to you and get the stuff that comes out from it.

Developer: mitsuch
Client: 1.7 and above

This is a multi-player map so it suggested to play this within 2-4 players. Once everyone has opened their lucky blocks, you can now head to the final PvP Battle.

Basically this map is a mini-game map made for those who wanted to do PvP battle and survived using random item. It’s for hardcore people so if you wanted some hardcore PvP battle based on own skills and luck, play this map.

-Block Gamble


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