Lt. Robinson Crusoe Nemaiso Island


Lt. Robinson Crusoe Nemaiso Island is a large survival adventure map made for Minecraft PC edition.

Creator: RayHaskell
Client Version: 1.13

“You answered a call from your commanding officer to investigate an unusual interference in a certain area as seen on radar.

Right away you jump into your Jet Aircraft and head towards the given location.

Upon arrival you lose control of your aircraft and are forced to eject. You land on an island that’s not supposed to be there.

All that is left with you now is your parachute on the ground and a few naval supplies.

Your mission is now clear….survive!”

Although this map comes with a nice theme storyline but there’s no actual story on the map itself. The map is made nicely enough for a survival condition without any story telling.

Do take note that this is a really large map and best played with friends on minecraft online multiplayer sessions.


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