Lost in Aperture 2 Map


Minecraft Lost in Aperture 2 Map is bigger, better and even more immersive. Explore the deeps of Aperture Science and make your way to the chamber where GLADoS is waiting for you. Will you succeed?

Genre Adventure, Challenge
Version 1.6
Developer KDProductions™·

With Lost in Aperture beeing a huge success, we were committed to make Lost in Aperture 2. With Part 2 being bigger, better and more immersive, we hope to give you the best “Portal-in-Minecraft” Atmosphere ever.

Minecraft Lost in Aperture 2 Map is Portal like map in Minecraft. The map comes completed with the sounds, the musics, the global atmosphere of the map, and everything is perfect for the Aperture environment. Those who like Valve’s Portal series should try this immerse map



Minecraft Lost in Aperture 2 Map


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