The point of this map is to loose yourself and run, jump, parkour as fast as you can to the finish line .

Lose control is a beautiful map with beautiful scenery, nice terrain and made to make you enjoy jumping, running aroud while feasting your eyes. You have to keep moving and you are given 15x speed booster which will help you with advancing or slowing down.

Genre: Parkour
Developer: HyperBoyPrime


  • Play it on peaceful or deal with the massive mobs encounter if you don’t.
  • Game mode is adventure or creative but no breaking blocks or structures
  • Any resource packs except x-rays type will work.
  • Only one person should play at a time (if you want to play multiplayer don’t start at the same time)
  • Make sure to land on every pressure plate, those are checkpoints, and sleep in each bed because sometimes the pressure plates don’t work and you will have to start at the beginning

Lose Control Download

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