Lord Of the Rings Adventure Map 2


This is a Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings themed adventure map part 2 of 2. The previous sequal of Minecraft Lord Of the Rings Adventure can be found here

Genre Minecraft Adventure
Version 1.6,1.5
Developer Unknown

Rules are as followed:


  • 1. No mods/cheats/hacks
  • 2. Must be in survival mode
  • 3. Do not place/destroy blocks
  • 4. Play on easy or harder
  • 5. No need to craft anything, you have everything you will need!

Point System:

  • 1. Gold nuggets/Slimeballs are worth 1 pt each
  • 2. Get as many as you can and comment how many points you have


  • 1. 1-4 players
  • 2. Have seen the Lord of the Rings movies, or read the books(if not that’s fine, you just may not understand half of it)
  • 3. Make sure to explore a lot and be VERY observant!



Minecraft Lord Of the Rings Adventure Map 2

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