Minecraft The Librarian is supposed to be a Horror map based on improving the reputation of Herobrine as a scary villain/monster/nemesis that has been forgotten lately.

Is it true..? Has everyone forgotten how he was the Lord of the Nether? I heard rumors that he’s now being made a joke and plastered on banner as an empty hollow threat..

Do you guys share the same thoughts? … well perhaps you should try this horror map. The creator of this map, Ookack333 claims that he could revive back Herobrine’s pride and image as the evil detestable villain.

Creator: Ookack333
Client Version: 1.8


  • 1.8 Command Block Tech!
  • Herobrine!
  • Awesomeness in a can!
  • Compatibility for 2-player playthroughs
  • Blindness AAAAAGH!
  • Custom Resource Pack!
  • Jump Scares!
  • Incomprehensible Story and Ending!
  • Instruction Manuals!
  • Pre-recorded Messages!

Now you see it says above that The Librarian comes with a custom resource pack which by all means, means that it’s required to play . Link below

Librarian Resource Pack Download


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