Lava Rising Survival Challenge


Lava Rising Survival Challenge is a survival map made for Minecraft.

So I heard that lava rising map is popular these days due to being played by pewdiepie. But the creator of this map said his map is better than those and has different gameplay all-together.

In this map, lava will begin to rise from y=0 at a regular interval, 1 level at a time. The automated command block setup will fill all air, water, and obsidian at the next level. This will run until y=256.

However there is an end goal. The goal is to kill the Ender dragon.

When you spawn , you will be given choices on which interval you want the lava rises.

Once you made your choice the game will start. Within the 180×180 world border, there is a stronghold in the overworld, and a fortress in the nether.


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