Lands – Regions and Wonders


Lands-Regions and Wonders is a fantasy adventure map made for Minecraft.

This is a fantasy map where you could explore the world sceneries, architecture , biomes and more.

The point of this map is realisme where you can enjoy exploring.

Client Version1.16.2

There is no quest or storyline, just exploring or turn the map into your fantasy survival map if you want.


When you launch the map you’ll spawn in the ParCom Island where you can travel to
everywhere you want. You can play the map how ever you want. For
survival there’s even teleportation shacks where you can travel
instantly to different places for a price. And there is a desire to
extend a trading/quest system to the map that would involve the use of
gold and emeralds as currency. But these systems are still in early
stages. Also train (minecart) travelling costs currency, but as an act
of good will first ride with the train system is free including one
trial with the teleportation system. Otherwise you can just play normal
survival gameplay with slightly more stuff in the environment with you.
Everything is vanilla so you don’t have to think about whether you would
have to download mods for the map.


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