King of Horizons is a fully automated Faction vs Faction PvP map made for Minecraft.

If you’re looking for a map where you could battle against 60 people at a time then this is the right map.

Creator: MalcomPL , RaTmAnPL , BarnoXp
Client Version: 1.13.2

The map has 4 factions where you’ll choose 13 classes which exist in each banner.

If you won then you hold your faction to the top and won the island.

If winning the game for faction isn’t your thing, you could try sharpening your skills in battle by trying on different classes and weapons and unique battle system.

All the 13 classes comes with different skills has about 120 class combinations.

-Optifine 1.13.1
-AltharaCraft 1.13.1 texture pack



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