Kings of Horizons takes players to a whole new level of PvP battles in Minecraft.

Kings of Horizons Is a fully automated Faction vs Faction PvP map that lets you take up arms as one of 13 totally different classes under a banner of one from four different factions and fight matches on medieval-esque maps. Dominate entire islands, upgrade classes, use your best skills. Adjust the game style to the class and become undefined!

This map originally was build for a lower version of Minecraft and now has been updated to 1.14.

▪ Main Developer: MalcomPL
▪ Classes&Teams: RaTmAnPL
▪ Main Assistant: BarnoXp
Client Version: 1.14

There are 14 different class to choose from in the game with different skills, weapons, armor, and other bonuses.

Among those 14 different class there is 132 class combinations you could make.


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