Kaysi is a huge minigame adventure map made for Minecraft.

So Kaysi is an adventure map which is huge and contains lots of minigame inside it.

Among the minigame you can find is ;

  • – Parkour
  • – Labyrinth
  • – Detective
  • – Witchcraft (Original Minigame)
  • – Escape
  • – Arena
  • -BossFight

It’s an endless adventure and mini game quest. The stories takes time to finish and your choices affect the end game.

Client Version1.14

Setting Up

  • If you play singleplayer or lan multiplayer only save the world file in your minecraft saves.
  • For multiplayer servers, save both nether and world saves in your multiplayer files.

Also for multiplayer properties:

Enable command blocks: true

Map did say it support multiplayer however you can only play up to 3 person.

Play this as your computer maximum chunks.

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