This is a mini game map called Jungle Run that was played and approved by SkyDoesMinecraft, it’s a parkour map.

It’s not an ordinary parkour map, there is trap all over the place where you have to jump and avoid and there’s also another player class that will do their best to hinder you from finishing line.

Runner – The guy that will do jumps and run to the finish line
Activator – The guy that will do his best to stop Runner from finishing game

Developer: D9d5M, Laloeka, Patbott
client Version: 1.7.10


  • Turn PvP off
  • Don’t break any blocks
  • Use the resourcepack
  • Turn commandblocks on in
  • We recommend turning the ingame volume a bit down, because the soundtrack is a bit loud.
  • We recommend playing on a bukkit server with no plugins, because vanilla servers cause problems with the in-game soundtrack
  • Don’t use plugins if you are running a bukkit server, for example ‘Essentials’ ruins the teleport system

All the traps has to be activated by Activator first and the traps can only be activated one so you have to strategist things timely. You can either choose to be Activator or you may let the game randomly choose for you.

Jungle Run has an option to either disable soundtrack or play in day or at night. They also comes with their own awesome resource pack.

J.Run Resource Pack


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