Jump Sprint Go Parkour


What we have here is another creative Jump , Sprint, Go! made for those who loves hardcore parkour action

Genre: Parkour
Developer: Adventuretimefinn3

Just like the title, the concept of this map is to sprint around and jump as fast as you can to reach the end goal. There won’t be any monster to hinder you but we won’t promise that you would have a safe landing place whenever you jump. With this map you have to use your parkour skills and creative thinking in order to avoid yourself dropping dead.

There is no mod requirement to play although MCPatcher is always recommended. The map is huge and the parkour runway is long so it’s suitable for players that seek long course gameplay. If you were to compare this it with Epic Jump Map series, obviously EJM would win but Jump Sprint Go! had its own unique course and difficulty gameplay that will make you hooked to it.


Jump, Sprint_ Go! Parkour Map


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