Journey To The Room Of Mist is a big customized survival adventure map with a lot of challenge for you to do.

Concordont with its map name, the map is big enough for you to explore and be in awe. It has everything from huge rivers, tons of dungeons to explore and ores that is twice more common than a normal map.

Creator: Jekblade
Client Version: 1.8

Even though it’s a survival genre, Journey to the Room of Mist has quest that you must do.

The 7 quest are;

  • Craft an EnderChest and place it at the designated spot
  • Craft an Emerald block and place at the designated spot
  • Throw a music disc “Mall” on a block, where it is suppose to be
  • Craft and place a Prismarine Block, at the designated spot
  • Find and craft and place Jack ‘o Lattern in a place
  • Kill Enderdragon and collect the egg, then place at the designated spot
  • Get a Nether start and throw it on block, and throw it at the designated spot

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