The Island


The Island is a survival-adventure map that was based on a similar indie game called The Forest which is available on STEAM currently.

In The Forest, players found themselves stuck in an island after a plane crash, they need to acquire all their basic needs in order to live. They started hunting and make place to stay but later found out there is a tribe of flesh eating cannibal monster that is out to hunt you and all the other plane passengers.

You will have to make do with whatever resources available around you to stay living.

Developer: SiR_CrafTy
Client Version: 1.8

The difference between this map with the real forest is that you have 2 shelters that will give you protection from the cannibals. There are also many treasures available spread all around map.


  • You may not build a house, use the shelter available.
  • You only have 1 life so make sure to be extra vigilant.

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