Invasion Tower defence is a map based on Defend Your Base by nexusblock. It is made for minecraft 1.7.10

Good news for those who’s still on old version of minecraft. Now we have new awesome map to play.

Creator: proxwarrior33
Client Version:1.7.10

This map has 2 system of turrets. They are ; Non Youtubers turrets, and Youtubers Turrets .

Each of the turrets has a dozen kind of different turrets in them. Listed below;

Non youtuber Turrets
Cheap Turret = Very weak turret. But is the cheapest of the turrets.
Arrow Turret = This turret is stronger than the cheap turret but costs more.
Sturdy Turret = Similar to arrow turret. But switches attack for more health.
Fire Turret = Low-Medium health turret that shoots fireballs to burn its target
Meteor Turret = Low-Medium health Turret that shoots mini meteors that explode
Gun Turret = Low health but has a triple shot machine gun.
Snow Turret = Very weak turret but shoots snowballs to slow its target.
Quad Turret = Medium health but shoots out 4x bullets per shot good vs group of mobs
Electric Turret = Low-Medium health turret that shoots out high damaging electricity
Sniper Turret = Light health turret that has very long but slow firing ranged turret but one shots most mobs
Laser Turret = Medium health turret that shoots 4 lasers which gives the wither effect
Jungle Turret = Same as the arrow turret but poisons mobs
Wind Turret = Low-medium health turret thats armed with a fan has very strong knockback
Obsidian Turret = Highest health of turrets but shoots shotgun like projectiles
Regen Turret = Medium health but heals turrets & the player

Youtuber Turrets

MrCrainer’s Turret = Medium-High Health turret that shoots dirt projectiles that slows mobs
TheaNicka’s Turret = Medium health turret that launchs fire that can make firefields good vs groups of mobs
FuriousDestroyer’s Turret = Medium-High health = shoots heavy projectiles like a cannon but is sturdy
Supergirlygamer’s Turret = Medium-High health Shoots 8x purple projectiles inflicts weakness
SSundee’s Turret = Medium health turret that shoots a burst of rocks that deal heavy damage can hit multiple targets
NeoMC’s Turret = Medium health turret that fires a 100 redstone bullets that deal very light damage but inflicts wither
Kehaan’s Turret = Medium health turret that shoots wither skulls inflicts wither
Logdotzip Turret = Medium health turret that shoots heat arrows twice that knocksback mobs
DanTDM’s Turret = High health turret that shoots diamond projectiles does heavy knockback
Sethbling’s Turret High health turret that shoots swift redstone projectiles that knockback and weakens mobs

Mob spawner = spawns gold nuggets overtime
Turret engineers = buy the non YT turrets with gold
YT Turret engineers = buy the YT turrets with gold and a YT Token
YT Turret are based on youtubers too
One player starts with 64 gold nuggets
Two players share 32 gold nuggets each
Four players share 16 gold nuggets each


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