The maker of Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventure map promised us that he made this map completely based on the movie storyline.

Indiana Jones is made for single player game-play and if you try to play it with a friend, the map challenges would be harder than playing it alone. Not sure how that works but that sounds great to me.

Starting off in Barnet College which is the hub building in this game, you have 8 levels to go through , 4 jump through mini-games, a few side-quest inside every levels with friends of Indiana asking you request , shops to visit and for the bonus level you’ll need to search for Magic Eyes.

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Parkour
Developer: Isaac_John, Sir_Richard99


  • Play on adventure mode.
  • No breaking blocks.
  • Play on Minecraft 1.7!
  • Set your game difficulty to Easy or higher.

Indiana Jones with Resource Pack

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