Hunger Games Catching Fire


Hunger Games Catching Fire is a survival mini game map made for minecraft.

Hunger Games Catching Fire is a replica map based on the Hunger Game second book , Catching Fire.

Creator: devlabsync
Client Version: 1.13

So if you like the Hunger Game movies and book series, this map is for you.

What’s unique of this map is that it supports Minecraft online multiplayer up to 24 person. That’s a lot like battlefield game map for you…

Also this map wasn’t exactly built to be played. It’s more of a map for roaming around but if you must do it battlefield style

each player must start on one of the Gray platforms (The one you start in as soon as you enter) and then run to the Cornucopia (The white building in the middle).

Player’s will then grab weapons and fight to death.


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