This is a remake of Hojo In large temple in Fukagawa , Fukagawa Ward , Tokyo Japan made for minecraft.

Creator: Henry Miller
Client Version: 1.13

Hojo In is located near to the Yogakuji Temple aswell as right next to the Older, and smaller Enmado Temple. Behind it is the Genshin Temple. also a buddhist temple.

It’s a 1 on 1 block scale of the temple so it remakes everything just like the real temple.

What’s interesting about this creative map is that you get to explore Hojo In just like you were in Japan itself.

That’s what I love about minecraft, it can build something exactly as a real one.

Since this is a server map , there is no download. Only ip address for you to connect and play it as a part of minecraft online server.

Server Address

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