When we first saw screenshots of this map we thought it was a real picture of an island, then we realized that this is a minecraft map , the fact that we couldn’t differentiate between real pictures and a game screenies itself show how stunning this map is..

Genre: Survival Adventure

You found yourself waking up with a brisk cool morning breeze on your nose and cheeks and you realized that you have finally arrived in Valleytown, the town where you will soon start your own adventure..

A light tap on your shoulder by a stout man then warns you to not get into any trouble and handed you a you a heavy-handed scrawl. Looking down at the note, your journey might start sooner than you think..

What you need to do is to find the diary that will continue the game’s storyline. Without it you cannot move further into the game. In deeper parts of the game where you need to find the diary, you’ll find mob infested death hole. According to developer, the game will get a pretty freaking difficult challenge when it reaches the last stage. You probably would want to have diamond armor and many arrows.

Conquest Texture

Hidden Valley Survival Map V5.3

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