Harry Potter in Minecraft – Quidditch


Harry Potter in Minecraft – Quidditch is a minigame map made for Minecraft for pc.

The latest book of Harry Potter came out couple weeks ago, it’s called Harry Potter and The Cursed Child so I kind of expect a map of Harry would come out sooner or later and it did, they made a Quidditch map.

Quidditch is the game Harry plays in the wizard academy and he is the ace player ( seeker ) of the team I think.

Think of it as something like Striker in Soccer or Quaterback for Football.

Just like in the movies ( or book whichever you like ) you have to catch the snitch which will move faster than the speed of light so you got to move fast or you’ll lose.

There’s a lot of custom stuff in this map and the AI were made brilliantly . If you like Harry Potter series than this is worth to try out .



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