Spooky Island is an adventure map made for the Halloween month thus the Halloween Theme is injected in the storyline and settings.

The island of Spooky Island is inhabited by four residents. They are The Ghost, The Jack o’ Lantern, The Witch and the Werewolf.

Your job in this island regardless what kind of entity or career you had, is tasked to help the four residents to and get an invitation to the island’s Halloween Bash Spectacular.

Creator : Iamnotliable
Client Version : 1.8

In other words, you’ll be a slave, do quest and if you grind enough you’ll get to “the party”. And what’s good about this is that you get to cosplay as a sexy nurse, a grim reaper, count Dracula, or a dastardly pirate.

Spooky comes with its own custom resource pack which sized at 60mb. Playing without the resource pack would make the game unplayable.

Spooky Island Resource Pack


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