Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map


Minecraft Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map is a survival multi-player map that eventually turns into a big world of adventure. Comes with its own texture pack, it shows how grand and unique can a minecraft world can be.

Developer :Guruth

Just like its name, it’s a fantasy map setup in a medieval world where you can ride a horse with a knight armor, a great sword or a dual sword, and slaying dragons. Go through the forest and meet all kind of fantasy monster , capture a land or city and stride through eye-pleasing medieval buildings.

Strolling around the city you will see Guruth put so much dedication in making his city unique as currently his map is the most detailed and complex medieval city you can play on. The map has its own custom graphic pack and sound pack that is optional but would enhance more experience if you decide to install them together. My advise is to get them all 😛

Map is best used with dragon mod to make it more RPG-ish.


-Requires the latest forge
– Requires Guruth’s Medieval Texture Pack and Sound Pack


Minecraft Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map 1.7.4

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