Grand Canyon Island is a minecraft map that is playable on minecraft 1.13.1 . It is a survival map genre.

You are on a cruise line and you stop off at a newly discovered island that has become a large tourist attraction.

It is the “Grand Canyon Island”! You are on the beach but you decide to go back to the cruise ship for more supplies.

Once back on shore you start to follow the trails to see where they lead. The rest of the survival story is up to you!

Will you decided to stay on the island and make it your home?

Will you explore the grand canyon to discover its secrets?

Creator: RayHaskell
Client Version: 1.13.1

There’s not much to say since this is a survival map however if you are worried that the map would be small, rest assure that it’s not.

It’s quite a large scale map and suitable for survival hardcore.


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