Gora’s Cave


Let’s play this CTM map Gora’s Cave made by Isurvolte. This is said to be his last build map.

Now like any other CTM map, the main aim is to collect wool. In Gora’s Cave you need to collect 16 colored wools.

In my opinion this map is a truly nice build map with great scenery and carved terrains. If you can’t imagine it by just my words feel free to watch its trailer video.

Creator: Isurvolte
Client Version: 1.8

Although I have to say the trailer video gave me cancer and seizure.


Like any other CTM maps there are rules you need to follow.

-You can place,break blocks and others
-You can craft everything
-Use the wools that come from the chests for the monument (Don’t make wools with spider’s loot)
-Don’t make Nether Portal
-Don’t cheat (With commands)
-Don’t play in peaceful
-Play in hard mode if you’re more than one player

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