Glarthford is an adventure , puzzle map made by McTst for minecraft players.

Here’s what awesome on this map, it’s humongous in terms of story content. By far I think this is the best map McTst has made.

Creator: McTst
Client Version: 1.12

In Glarthford you have many ways to play. There are multiple stories to go through and there are more than 60 voice acted characters you can talk too!
You can scam, talk and trade your way to achieve your goals with the npcs.

If you wanted to be a hero, you can try and fight six different enemy of Glarthford and be a hero of the people! You can even drag your friends to be your sidekick .

The enemy are custom mobs with different difficulties in fighting them.

As usual there are ester eggs hidden around the map which McTst planted for those who enjoy exploring the world and find hidden items.

In my mind this is an exciting RPG like map I’ve played this year.



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