Gaza Island is a minecraft role-playing map where 5 people is needed to play. From 5 people, 1 of them will play as the pirate and the other 4 as survivors. The survivors has to collect 3 iron ingots located around the islands and reach the gateway vehicle.

Of course the pirate has to do everything he can to stop the survivors.

In version Gaza Island version 2 , developer has added 2 new map in order to make the game more interesting. The two new maps are The Volcano and Pirate Ship.

The scenery, the terrains and biomes on this map is well done by the dev. I for one really enjoy myself playing in this map. Sadly I play alone so all I did was use it as a survival map.

From the graphic wise and storyline you could guess that Gaza Island map size would be big. It’s about 20mb in size.

Developer: Sunfury , Gizzy14Gazza
Version: 1.7.4 above

Gaza Island 2.0


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