frriNz’s Prison Escape! is an escape, puzzle, adventure map made for Minecraft .

In this map you must escape from prison and then break into the feds office to wipe your name clean! The map features puzzles such as code locks, hidden pathways, parkour and more.

Creator: frriNz
Client Version: 1.13

In my opinion escape map is quite fun to play as it kind of a thriller + puzzle genre to me. It has suspense and thrill to it in finding ways to escape the route in front of you.


– Play in adventure mode
– Have the following gamerules set (The map should set these automatically after pressing start);

commandBlockOutput = false
keepInventory = true
doFireTick = false
doTileDrop = false

However this map has a serious bug that needs to be adhere if you want to play it. Since the creator did not want to fix it, it became such as a rule for players to follow.

In the first puzzle, the player must only put 1 item in the toilet, otherwise there will not be enough items to complete the second puzzle

When getting access to the helicopter, the player can reach into the hopper containing helicopter keys, this won’t allow the player to get access, but it will break the map, so, don’t do it


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