Freezing Cold – A Lonely Christmas Series is a minecraft online multiplayer minigame map made for last year Christmas .

Yes we know Christmas has past, New Year has past too but it is still not to late to try and play this map.

Creator: YMbrothers
Client Version: 1.13

This map is a multiplayer mini-game where players/teams need to be the last man standing.
You need to dodge the cloud shadows and the people in the town.
You also need to make sure you’re moving around so your temperature won’t drop to a critical point.

The background story for this game is really sad. There’s this small kid that his father is in jail and his mother who went for a business trip promises that she’ll be back by Christmas but she didn’t.

So he being a good kid went back to his room and start an imagination game with his drawings.

You need two player to play this game


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