Find The Button + Minecraft Map


This is the original Find The Button + map. It is a classic variety map that includes parkour, puzzle, survival and adventure in one.

Made by LordCakeThiefs this adventure starts in a stormy weather where you have to find the button to get out from being frooze to death.

Creator: Lordcakethief
Client Version: 1.7, 1.6

You’ll then encounter a massive maze and finding your way out is such a restless challenge even without mob. Next would be jumping lava map, where you have to show your parkour skill in order to go where the button is but that is still not the end.. Do you think you can do this?

Find The Button + uses its own texture pack which can be downloaded below.
If you want the best experience with this map, you have to use LordCakeThiefs Painterly Pack


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