What we have here is a stunning Minecraft remake of FFV7 Midgar City that was announced 3 years ago by Kotaku. The map is finally finished and released for minecraft client 1.6.4 and above!

The map has all area accessible in FF7 completed with railway section that connects every sector of the city. Area from Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus is also made available in this remake.

Creator: Killerx20
Client Version: 1.6.4 above

The author boasted that this remake is using 6642 Minecraft chunks, 1290×1290 blocks in length and width and uses the full 0-255 height limit. Which means it really is one hell of a big map for you to venture around.

Sector Available

  • Sector 1 Mako Reactor from FFVII
  • Sector 1 Station from FFVII
  • Sector 8 Town Square from FFVII and Crisis Core
  • Shin-Ra Headquarters from FFVII
  • Deepground variant from Doc
  • Crisis Core SOLDIER’s floor level 49 and SOLDIER directors office from Crisis Core
  • All Mako Reactor Interiors
  • Sector 7 Slums from FFVII
  • Sector 6 Slums and Wall Market from FFVII
  • Sector 5 Slums, Church, and Aeriths House from FFVII

FFVII Midgar City Download

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