Feed The Pyramid


Inspired by FTB Retro, here comes Feed The Pyramid a CTM map made for Minecraft.

Creator ExpandedReality
Client Version1.14

This map utilize a unique crafting system which is based on FTB Retro map and more importantly it is made in vanilla aka from scratch.

It uses gated progression to items and resources that can only be unlocked by “feeding” the pyramid the required items.

Because of its unique system, it’s played like a skyblock style map.

One more unique thing about this map is that it supports as many people as you can , which means it supports minecraft online multiplayer .

With many people playing you can set up teams as there are 4 islands that can be played simultaneously.


The “.minecraft” folder can be accessed(by default) by pressing “Windows Key+R”, and running “%appdata%”(for Windows), or by opening Finder, pressing “Command+Shift+G”, and running “~/Library”, then opening “Application Support”(for Mac).


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