Falling Falling


Falling Falling is a survival map made for Minecraft

Falling Falling is a new type of minecraft gameplay survival map. I think because I haven’t tried anything like it before. So it’s new to me…

In this skyblock map things falls from the sky and you need to avoid it.

Client Version1.14.4

Some of the blocks is useful for your survival in this limited world but some will hits your point and some will take your life.

Sometimes small dungeon too would fall from the sky . So be careful of what you wish to fall from the sky.

The objectives:

  • make a stone statue on the surface.
  • plant wheat, potatoes, carrots, beets, melons, pumpkins and Nether warts.
  • make a giant mushroom.
  • make a suspicious soup.
  • make a loom, barrel, smoker, blast furnace, cartography table, grindstone, smithing table and a stonecutter.
  • make a campfire and cook 4 meats.
  • make a nice banner.
  • make a bell and ring it sixteen times.
  • make a composter and with it produce 6 bone powders.
  • make an underground bunker.
  • make a trade with a villager.
  • make and have all available wool colors available.
  • make an aquarium with fish.
  • make an automatic chicken farm.
  • make an automatic melon farm.
  • make a crossbow and enchant him.
  • adopt all pets.
  • cure a zombie villager.
  • defeat a raid
  • defeat the Wither boss.
  • defeat the Ender Dragon.
  • make a map of the normal world, the Nether and the End.
  • find the Elytra.
  • make the Ender Dragon reappear.
  • make a beacon and make it work.

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