Eyes The Horror


Eyes The Horror is like its name, a horror map for Minecraft. After such a long drought of horror map we finally have one !

Creator: Tsunami67
Client Version:1.12.2

A friend of the protagonist came to intercept an abandonned house on top of the mountains to see what’s inside, and apparently, a lot of treasures have been hidden here for years. The protagonist, a robber, decides to take the keys and collect money bags inside the house.

The house is supposed to be empty. But something awakes as the robber approaches the house…

This map is 100% based on an indie game Eyes the Horror game, developped by Paulina Pabis back in 2013.

There are 3 floors in the game aka basement, ground floor and first floor.

Your objective in the game is to collect certain amount of bags before going back to the exit by using the Eyes.



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