Explore is a minecraft adventure map where you will be looking for Power Crystal in 7 different levels (maps). It sounds easy but it’s not as easy as you think.

Everytime you advance on the next level , the difficulty in finding the crystals gets harder and harder. There are about 7 crystal in each levels and of course they are hidden from your bare eyes.

There’s also 2 bonus crystals that you can find which is said to be in the most hidden part of every levels so get your eyes wide open.

Developer: TheBeast0911
Client Version: 1.7.10 and above


  • Level 1: Blue Sky Meadows
  • Level 2: Deep Dark Cavern
  • Level 3: Cliffside Lake
  • Level 4: Generica Village
  • Level 5: Frostbit Canyon
  • Level 6: Death’s Mansion
  • Level 7: Time-Shift Desert

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