Exiled by OathBrothers

Truly a hardcore map not for the weak heart

Exiled by OathBrothers is a hardcore survival map made especially for forever alone , emo and suicidal minecraft player out there.

The world is set in a modified nether. You are an outcast, imprisoned in an 8 block cubicle with a book that tells you that are not wanted in this world and thus why you were exiled.

But you found that odd and unclear. Why would you be exiled for such a ridiculous reasons? You must find a way out but you are stuck in a 8 block cubicle with few books and a long hall which emit a mystery aura.

You need to get the hell out of this prison, find the story behind your imprisonment and the mystery behind all of this.

Please be reminded that this is a hardcore map with very hard to solve puzzle but full of customize items.

Download Exiled.Zip


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  1. Jon 5 January, 2016 at 14:26 Reply

    Ah this map is so much fun! It really makes you rethink survival and I love the beautiful ruins, especially the new stuff added in the recent V2.0 update. 🙂

    thanks for the article and link, I don’t think I’m emo but it is fun to really struggle in the beginning lol. 😀

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