Escape of the Mind 1.5


Here’s an updated version of the popular map, Escape of The Mind.

Creator Billith
Client Version1.14, 1.15

you are 20361, comatose and trapped within the walls of your mind.
there, you find alien architecture plagued by blight of shadow.

an ancient darkness has drawn you into your slumber.

figments of imagination form the castle, your subconscious mind pleads for assistance.

but not all is as it seems when you confront the darkness within…

Dozens of revision has been done to this map prior to updating it to 1.14 and 1.15. What that means is that you’ll still be able to play this map once 1.15 comes out.

Among the features of this map are : Parkour | Redstone Puzzles | Explore 10+ Worlds | Over 200 Items + Custom Loot Tables | Unique Dialog Options and Decision Trees | Written Books | Secrets | Mob Battles | More


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