Escape From Purgatory MCPE Map


You have died and based on your deeds you ended up in purgatory. Purgatory, the place of hideous eternal darkness. Now you need to find ways to escape this hell. Will you manage? Will you be able to see the lights again?

You will be given 3 stack of woods and you will have to escape in the darkness, there will be no lights until you escape this hell.

Escape From Purgatory is a minecraft pocket edition map made for veteran players. It is full of challenges that will require your utmost skill to survive eternal darkness. Map is made by Echen

Challenges include:

  • make a full set of diamond armor
  • make a diamond sword
  • build a nether reactor and activate it (not as easy as you think)
  • escape purgatory and retrieve your reward at the top of the orb you are contained in
  • watch a sun rise and a sun set

Further Challenges:

  • Grow a tree
  • Make some bread
  • Make a mob grinder

Do not cheat ie: use block launcher or another app to change to creative mode

The Purgatory


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